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Welcome to the EPX webSuite Help

The topics on the left side of this screen will help you navigate through and use EPX webSuite, the online reporting utility. From here, you can access the most commonly used manuals, forms, and reference documents, as well as training videos.

For questions about the content in this help, contact your Relationship Manager.

Recent Updates



Description of Changes


Response Codes for Non-AVS Transactions

Updated response codes list and added a PDF version


TermBar Tool Reversal Requests

Added description of proper authorization reversal requests


Terminal Documents

Added download instructions and quick reference guides for the H200, HT7, and Vx/Omni series



Updated chargebacks reason codes and record types


Compelling Evidence Visa Rules 2013

New Visa reference document to explain chargeback rules


EPX Holiday Schedule

Updated for 2013 Holidays


EPX webSuite Home Page

Added topics about the new home page layout


TermBar Tool

Added text to explain the TermBar feature of Transaction Lookup


Visa International Operating Regulations

Added to Association & Reference Docs section

Using the Online Help

Using the Table of Contents Button

1. Click Table of Contents to display the Table of Contents for the Online Help. Only the main categories or "books" will be displayed at first. If necessary, use the scroll bar to scroll through the topic list.
2. Click the "book" with contents you want to see. Click a top level book to expand the Table of Contents entry for the selected topic and list any sub-topics ("chapters" and "pages") beneath the main book. Click an "open" book to close it (i.e., collapse the associated Table of Contents list).
3. Click the topic/page you wish to read. The online help content displays in the right pane of the help window.

Using the Search Button

1. Click Search to display the online help search window.
2. In the search text box, type the word or phrase you wish to search.
3. Click Search or press Enter. Any search results will display beneath the search text box.
4. Click the topic/page you wish to read. The online help topic content displays in the right pane of the help window.

Using the Glossary Button

1. Click Glossary to display the glossary. A list of terms displays in alphabetical order.
2. Click a glossary word to display its definition.


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