In the 21st  century, government agencies everywhere are increasingly adopting the service oriented worldview of their private sector counterparts. Whether it is government at the local, state, or Federal level, agencies are staying open later on weekdays, opening their doors on weekends, and taking a proactive approach to serving their customers.

Government agencies from coast to coast are also adapting their payment methods to make customer interactions easier and less stressful. Trash collectors are accepting credit cards, municipalities are providing customers with the ability to pay their bills automatically, and state transportation agencies are allowing drivers to renew their licenses and vehicle registrations through a secure web portal.

Those improvements in the convenience of government services and payment options are certainly a boon to the public they serve, but it also provides some challenges to the agencies themselves. It is great to provide a secure web portal to handle vehicle registration and driver license renewals, but without a secure back-end payment processing solution it would all break down pretty quickly.

That is why EPX is proud to provide a safe, secure, and totally encrypted end-to-end payment processing solution for government agencies at all levels. Whether you run a state agency, a local government office, or a Federal facility, we can help you serve your customers better and provide them with a full range of payment options.

At EPX we partner with all kinds of government agencies. We help parking agencies process payments more efficiently, allowing customers to pay their parking tabs and even reserve an open meter through an app on their smartphones. When the payment is entered, our payment processing back-end is there to authenticate the credit or debit card and get the money to the parking authority.

EPX also helps utility companies serve their customers more effectively by providing options for recurring automatic payments, credit and debit card payments, and ACH transactions. No matter how customers want to pay, we provide a secure, safe, and encrypted process to make it happen.

We understand the unique challenges faced by government agencies. We realize that the world of government services is changing rapidly, and we help our clients adapt to that change. If you have an existing payment processing solution in place, we can seamlessly integrate our services into that existing solution, avoiding disruption to your customers while making the entire payment process more secure, stable, and quicker.

If you need to setup an entirely new payment processing solution, EPX can help with that as well. We can custom design a payment processing solution just for your government agency, based on the needs of your customers and the nature of the services you provide.

We know that the face of government services is changing, and we are dedicated to helping you change and adapt along with it. Whether you are processing utility payments for the residents of your town, helping busy drivers pay their parking fees or taking payments for building permits and trash collection, EPX can make the entire process easier and less stressful.


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