EPX is a secure, fully integrated, international payments platform acting as processor, acquirer, and backend service partner.  For nearly 40 years, we’ve provided payment processing services for merchants, retailers, and banks in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Our customer focused, reliable, and cost efficient platform delivers a single point of integration that ensures the highest level of simplicity and security.


With cost-effective, fully-integrated solutions that utilize EMV, tokenization and encryption technologies, EPX is one of the only international payment platforms that provides secure end-to-end, PCI-compliant payment processing.

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EPX delivers an end-to-end processing solution that eliminates the need for multiple vendor relationships, and reduces failure points common to most other payment providers.

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EPX combines the functionality of an ISO, merchant acquirer, gateway, front-end, and back-end processor under one roof with one contract and one point of responsibility for payments.

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