When consumers make purchases online, they expect a convenient, quick, and secure shopping experience. EPX PayPage allows ecommerce merchants to outsource their internet credit card payment processing as well as nearly all of their PCI compliance requirements. With Electronic Payment Exchange, ecommerce merchants can experience the following benefits:

  • A simplified, streamlined consumer shopping experience
  • Increased data security
  • Decreased risk of fraud
  • Fewer potential points of failure

Secure Ecommerce Payment Processing

Customers input their payment information directly to EPX--this decreases your liability and limits your exposure to potential fraud. There's no need to worry about processing, storing, and transmitting your customers' sensitive payment information.

PayPage and PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is one of hundreds of responsibilities online merchants face. When you're juggling a number of obligations, it's easy to let this slip. Outsourcing your PCI compliance requirements to a third-party provider can alleviate the pressure and provide valuable peace of mind. EPX has the technical know-how and PCI compliance expertise to make sure your business adheres completely with PCI Data Security Standards (DSS).

There's no need to take on the technical headaches and expenses of building and maintaining your own credit card processing systems. EPX leads the way in providing hosted solutions that streamline payment processes and ensure that ecommerce merchants reach full PCI compliance.

Custom Branding for Ecommerce

EPX PayPage can be customized to reflect the look and feel of any ecommerce website. This creates a seamless shopping experience for customers from start to finish. Not only can you modify the style and layout of a payment page, but you will also be able choose to hide or expose data fields as needed. Your payment page will be tailor-made for your customers and your unique needs.

Payment Processing for MOTO Merchants

MOTO, which is short for mail order/telephone order, is essential for merchants who work out of their home or who rely on telemarketing or catalog sales for their business. Not every consumer is web-savvy, and some people aren't comfortable entering their sensitive payment information online. Customers expect flexible payment options when they purchase items by mail or telephone, and they need to feel like their payment information is secure. Electronic Payment Exchange offers payment processing solutions for MOTO merchants that can help increase sales and cut costs.


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