Virtual terminals are essential for businesses that accept called-in or mailed-in payments. 

Merchants who use Electronic Payment Exchange payment processing solutions can also utilize EPX virtual terminals at no extra cost. A virtual terminal allows merchants to accept the any kind of payment, which are sent straight through their propietary payment processing solution, BuyerWall.

A Convenient, Cost-effective Solution

The EPX Virtual Terminal is a web-based system that requires no integration or hardware costs. The virtual terminal provides all the functionality of a PC-based point-of-sale (POS) terminal and has different modes to process the following:

  • POS swipe transactions
  • POS keyed transactions
  • POS PIN debit transactions
  • MOTO transactions
  • Ecommerce transactions

EPX Virtual Terminal can provide real-time credit card authorizations, such as CVV and AVS checks; it also allows merchants to initiate electronic check transactions from the terminal.  While a virtual terminal is the ideal solution for a merchant who takes orders over the phone or through the mail, the product can be adapted to work even when a credit or debit card is physically present. Merchants can simply add a card reader to their computer - the cost of this device is significantly less than that of a standard point-of-sale terminal, saving hundreds of dollars per terminal location. A virtual terminal can even benefit merchants who process transactions on the go but choose to use a computer instead of a tablet or smartphone.

Data Security

Merchants can feel confident that sensitive customer data is secure with the EPX Virtual Terminal. Electronic Payment Exchange offers a true end-to-end solution that uses both encryption and tokenization to keep cardholder data secure throughout every step of a transaction. EPX BuyerWall technology eliminates virtually all of a merchant's data breach liability as no cardholder data is ever stored. BuyerWall creates a tokenized BRIC that is associated with the transaction, not the cardholder’s personal sensitive information.

Swiping a physical card isn't possible for every business transaction, and the EPX Virtual Terminal can provide the functionality you need for those situations. Customers will appreciate the fast, secure payment process, while merchants enjoy the significant cost savings and flexibility. With the EPX Virtual Terminal, you can simplify and streamline the payment process for your business.


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