We live in an increasingly self-service world, and these days customers are increasingly comfortable interacting with self-service kiosks, unmanned supermarket checkout lanes, retail price checkers and other machines designed to increase convenience and make the buying process faster and more efficient.

Whether the self-service device is a ticket kiosk at the airport, a checkout lane at the supermarket, a bank of parking meters on a busy street, or a vending machine at the office, the experience should be seamless, fast, and easy for the customer. Whether they are parking their car, buying their groceries or picking up their boarding pass, the end user should not have to think about the back-end processing taking place behind the scenes. Instead of worrying about the payment processing system, the customer simply wants to swipe their credit card, fire up their smartphone app, or bag their groceries.

That is why it is so important for the owners of these self-service devices to partner with the right payment processor. EPX is an international full service credit card, debit card, and electronic check (ACH) processor, and we know how to make the self-service experience better for your customers, and more efficient and profitable for you.

We have a direct line to all four major credit card associations, and we can provide the safe, secure, and completely encrypted payment processing experience your customers expect and deserve. If you run a chain of grocery stores and need to automate the checkout process to save money and time, we can help you with the back-end processing, from the moment your shoppers swipe their credit and debit cards or write their checks to the batch processing that sends the money to your account.

At EPX we are also proud to serve parking authorities and government agencies who need a fast and efficient way to process customer payments. All drivers will see is the convenience of the process as they pull up to a bank of parking meters and swipe their debit or credit card. Those drivers do not have to be concerned about the back-end processing of their payments - EPX takes care of all that.

We can even increase the efficiency and enhance the profitability of the vending machines at your office or factory. When you team with EPX we can handle every aspect of the payment process, from authenticating the credit or debit card to the batch processing of the day's purchases. Your customers get the convenience of buying their snacks, drinks, and retail items without carrying a pocketful of change, and you get the timely payment you need to keep your vending machine business running efficiently.

The world we live in is an increasingly self-service one, and customers like it that way. Modern customers are looking for more choices, from the ability to check out quickly at the supermarket to a chance to park easily on a busy downtown street. The back-end processing solutions offered by EPX can make it all happen, so you can get back to what you do best - serving your customers and making their lives more convenient.


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