Protect your business and your customers with
our PCI-validated, point-to-point encryption solution.

According to the Payment Card Industry (PCI), to be designated a validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution, you must:

Secure the encryption of payment card data at the point-of-interaction (POI).

Offer P2PE-validated application(s) at the point-of-interaction.

Secure the management of encryption and decryption devices.

Oversee the management of the decryption environment and all decrypted account data.

Use secure encryption methodologies and cryptographic key operations, including key generation, distribution, loading/injection, administration, and usage.

At EPX, our proprietary SecureConnect P2PE solution does all the above … and more. With SecureConnect, you'll get the most secure card-present transactions possible while:

Saving time and money.

Protecting your reputation.

Reducing you PCI scope.

Qualifying for Visa's Technology Innovation and Secure Acceptance Programs.

Protect cardholder data, enhance your reputation, and reduce your PCI scope with SecureConnect. For more details, check out our FAQ.