Founded in 1979

EPX is the unified, stable, and secure processing platform with end-to-end payment solutions for merchants, banks, ISOs, and franchises around the world. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry with superior security standards, patented technologies and exceptional customer service.


Our Mission

We’re committed to researching, building, implementing, and supporting next-generation payment technologies that protect merchants, enhance consumer experience, and support global commerce.


EPX is the first processor to:

  • Process credit card payments using the Internet
  • Deliver online reporting of transactions to merchants
  • Adjudicate chargebacks online
  • Process e-checks
  • Implement CID, the fraud prevention and detection innovation (CVV) for Discover Card
  • Process transactions using tokenization
  • Deploy XML-based transaction for all payment types
  • Enable address verification system (AVS) for all networks
  • Send a soft descriptor/unique identifier for each  transaction for American Express and Discover Card
  • Deliver end-to-end card swipe encryption for its POS solutions

Powerful Capabilities

For nearly 40 years, EPX has been a pioneer in the payments industry, commercializing many innovations that have become industry standards.

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Decreased risk exposure, enhanced data security, lowered costs, custom reporting, and strengthened process reliability with less potential points of failure.

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Web-based reporting, data analysis, exception transactions, and chargebacks.

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Provides the functionality of a POS terminal with modes for processing POS, MO/TO, and ecommerce transactions.

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Emulates the functionality of a high-volume POS terminal in any web browser, with flexibility for POS swipe, PIN debit, MO/TO, and ecommerce transactions.

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Enables ecommerce merchants to outsource online payment acceptance and PCI compliance requirements with customized payment pages.

Buyerwall Technology

EPX BuyerWall is the first cardholder data protection system and payment processing platform that allows merchants to eliminate data breach liability and still control the customer experience. By creating a tokenized BRIC, the system processes and transmits data without sensitive cardholder information, freeing the merchant from the associated risks. BuyerWall exceeds regulations, decreases risk, and increases a merchant’s reputation.