Even as other parts of the economy have downsized and shed jobs, the healthcare segment has continued to grow and thrive. The aging of the population combined with advances in the industry have conspired to drive a rise in the demand for quality healthcare.

If you work in the healthcare field, you already know that the demand for the services you provide is greater than ever before. You also know that the process of providing healthcare services is more complicated than it has ever been. From changes in the way individuals obtain health insurance coverage to new regulations involving patient care, the healthcare industry has never been more complex.

That is why it is so important to team with a payment processing professional who can handle the details and keep you in compliance with the latest regulations. The needs of the healthcare industry are extremely specific, and those requirements are different from those of other environments. At EPX, we understand the specific needs of the healthcare industry, and we have developed a payment processing platform healthcare professionals can use to stay compliant and get paid on a timely basis.

EPX is able to provide unique and highly customized payment processing solutions to professionals in the healthcare industry. No matter what your payment needs, we can help you meet them. Our highly robust and adaptable systems are able to seamlessly integrate with many of the most commonly used healthcare platforms. At EPX, we understand the systems healthcare providers use, and we are able to work with those systems to provide not only seamless payment processing but a full slate of reporting data as well. From customizable reports to help you make sense of your patient population, to timely payment processing for all your customers, EPX is with you every step along the way.

EPX can provide this full slate of payment processing and reporting services because we are a full service payment processor. Unlike many of our competitors, we are able to provide true end- to-end processing for all your healthcare payments. From the moment the payment is presented to the ultimate processing of the batch, we are able to provide the seamless integration you are looking for.

This seamless integration also provides fewer points of failure, resulting in a smoother process for you and your patient population. Whether your healthcare customers pay by credit card, debit card or electronic check (ACH), in-person or online, our highly integrated payment processing service provides a secure payment solution which integrates the latest tokenization and encryption technologies.

When you partner with EPX, you are working with an industry leader. Our senior management team has been working together and helping businesses succeed for decades. We continue to lead the way for healthcare companies, providing safe, secure, and cost-effective payment processing for our customers and freeing them up to provide the best possible patient care.


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