The restaurant industry is one of the most highly competitive industries that payment processor can serve. No matter what kind of food you offer or what type of diners you cater to, you already know how difficult it is to please your customers.

If you own a restaurant, you need to rely on the people who work for you to help you make your business great. You also rely on your business partners to provide top quality service, and when you partner with EPX for your payment processing needs you will have one less thing to worry about.

EPX provides a seamless and integrated payment processing system restaurant owners can use to make their lives easier and ultimately boost their profits. We are an international payment processer with a direct line to all four major card associations, so you can be sure all of your payments will be handled properly and that your cash flow will keep flowing.

We also understand that with the EMV liability switch, chargebacks have been increasingly difficult to manage, as many processors do not have the capability to offer EMV tip adjust. Well we do. Partnering with us will allow your customers to add a tip after the EMV transaction has been completed – helping to stop those disputes that are wasting your time, and cutting into your profits.

Our payment systems are tightly integrated, simple to use, secure, and fully encrypted. We provide end-to-end payment processing, and we handle every step of the process, from the presentation of the credit card, debit card or check, to the settlement of the batch. We know restaurant owners have a lot of things to worry about, and we work hard to make your payment processing safe, secure and seamless.

The unified payment processing services EPX provides are perfectly suited to all kinds of restaurants, from the smallest corner bistros to the largest five-star gourmet restaurants. No matter what kind of restaurant you own or what kinds of payments your customers use, you can rely on us to process those payments, verify their authenticity, and provide the encryption needed to make every transaction a safe one. Since our payment processing is end-to-end, there are fewer points of failure that can occur – making for a stable and reliable platform for you and your customers.  

EPX is a full service credit card, debit card and electronic check payment processor, so you are covered no matter how your diners choose to pay. We know that modern diners are looking for more choices, in the food they eat and the way they choose to pay. When you partner with EPX, you can be sure that every step of the payment process is secure, with state-of-the-art encryption and the latest technology. Simply put, we give restaurant owners one less thing to worry about.


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